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The Yoga Alliances Worldwide Registry offers a unique type of service to the yoga industry globally.

This public registry assembled a worldwide list of Yoga Teachers (RYTs) and Yoga Schools (RYSs) who hold a valid registration with any of the Yoga Alliance Organisations listed on this site.

With the Yoga Alliances Registry, Yoga Professionals and Yoga Businesses profiles are no longer “hidden” within complex search engines Directories of Yoga Organisations.

For $25 USD yearly fee, Yoga Teachers and Schools can create a classified listing and upload resumes, photos, extended profile information, promote events, business and professional activities all in one Online Directory!

The listing procedure is user friendly and doesn’t involve a great deal of work. Members are listed by Country.

Since Internet search is the primary tool to finding businesses today, employers, insurers, yoga students, aspiring yoga teachers and yoga lovers will easy find a RYT or a RYS.


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